A1 Systems announces the launch of a project based on self-developed Indoor Navigation System

A1 Systems announces the launch of testing for personalized navigation System NaviGuid for historical park “Russia – My history”. The project is conducted together with Moscow Agency of Innovations.

NaviGuide System finds person’s location inside a building with Bluetooth beacons mounted in different public locations. The beacons broadcast their unique identifiers at certain intervals. With this data, the mobile app determines location and user receives content on phone screen relevant for his/her location.

“Russia – My history” mobile app was developed specifically for the historical park based on NaviGuide solution, that would become a personal virtual tour guide for exhibition visitors. The app automatically plays corresponding audio and displays additional graphic and text content on the phone screen as visitors walk around thematic sections of the exhibition. The app would also help to guide through the building using interactive map and plot route to a point of interest.

Historical park staff will have access to NaviGuide web interface hosted in A1 Systems’ cloud storage. With web interface you can edit digital content for the virtual exhibition, manage interactive map, create virtual tours, quizzes and quests, and also configure Bluetooth beacons.

NaviGuide analytical part enhances researching visitors’ routs around the historical park. This will aid optimization of the exhibition space, and make visiting as interesting and fun as possible.

“This is our new museum project, that implements NaviGuide technology”, comments Alexander Dementev, Head of mobile application development, “In 2015, we have successfully launched the personal virtual tour guide project for the Battle of Borodino Museum-Panorama in Moscow. Over the past two years we have thoroughly improved NaviGuide Platform subject to gained experience with Borodino museum-panorama exhibition.

“We are planning to further develop NaviGuide Platform. We are negotiating very intensely not only with museums and exhibition centers but also with large shopping malls, retail chains and banks. We believe our NaviGuide solution can become a truly revolutionary tool for targeted trading marketing in this area”, notes Ilia Dribinski, Chef Operating Director of A1 Systems.

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