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One of the most popular and effective ways to increase advertising campaign efficiency is improving targeting. However, the main advertising channel is still a simple text message.

So even when the advertising message reaches precisely the target audience it was intended for, the efficiency of the campaign is hindered by the sheer complexity of the actions the subscriber is supposed to perform to accept the offer.

A1S Flash is an efficient solution for Mobile Network Operators to organise internal marketing communications with subscribers. The solution owes its efficiency to flexible targeting and interactive features offered by a standard DSTK SIM card.

Instead of sending a regular text message to the subscriber, the A1S Flash solution issues a special command to the SIM card. This triggers a dialogue box with a promotional message on the phone screen, enabling the subscriber to activate the service that is advertised or choose the desired tariff plan.

A1S Flash uses the A1 Systems’ own SIM applet, A1S NaviSIM, for interacting with the user. The solution also can work with another DSTK through the aproproate service platforms of their vendors.

The server side of the solution is based on the A1S MCS platform. Advertising campaigns are managed through a user-friendly, intuitive Web GUI interface to enable the user:

  • effortlessly create advertising campaigns from templates and interactive scripts,
  • set up repeated advertising campaigns with automated retrieval of subscriber lists from any designated sources,
  • real time track and managing the advertising campaigns .

Benefits for Mobile Operators

  • Increased revenue both from based and value-added services due to interactive message having a high conversion rate
  • Improved client experience and increased subscriber loyalty due to “one-click” activation of promoting services
  • Launching new services with reduced time to market (TTM)
  • Operational costs saving of launching, managing and analyzing the advertising campaigns thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly Web GUI interface
  • Reduced technical support and administration costs due to using A1S MCS as a single platform
  • Simple and rapid integration with the MNO’s network
  • Free OTA campaign to quickly install A1S NaviSIM applet on subscribers’ SIM cards


  • Displaying messages:
    • as a dialogue box with a one-click buy option,
    • as a succession of dialogue boxes,
    • as an interactive menu with several options;
  • Automatic execution of scripts tied to interactive elements in a dialogue box or a menu, i.e. sending a text message with a specified text to a specified number, making a voice call to a specified number, issuing a specified USSD command or launching an Internet browser and loading a specified web page;
  • An intuitive, user-friendly Web GUI interface for advertising campaigns management and administration of the solution as a whole;
  • A user-friendly organiser that enables campaign sorting and filtering based on specified criteria;
  • Intuitive tools to create dialogues from templates;
  • A campaign manager that enables the quick creation of advertising campaigns from templates by drag & drop;
  • Real time tracking of campaign results;
  • Managing SMS/DSTK/USSD mailing lists and contact policies;
  • Automated uploading of SMS/DSTK/USSD mailing lists from specified sources;
  • Automatically generated statistics and graphic reports on the results of advertising campaigns;
  • A user-friendly and data-rich Web GUI for call centre specialists.

The A1S Flash solution has been designed to conform to key industry standards, such as ETSI, 3GPP and GlobalPlatform. It is a reliable, tested, high-performance, carrier-grade solution.

The solution can be installed at the Mobile Operator’s side or hosted by A1 Systems.

For more details or to order a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email (info@a1‑systems.com) or use the form to the right.

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