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Many PC, tablet and smartphone users benefit from information widgets. A widget can be added to a phone’s idle screen, in order to display a wide range of relevant information (e.g. weather, traffic, currency rates etc.). Widgets have become popular by virtue of being easy to use. Any information you might need is always just a glance away.

A1S Smart Screen is a SIM card based text widget solution that allows the Mobile Network Operator to provide subscribers with a wide range of vital information right on the screen of the phone, regardless of the type of the phone.

Off-the-Shelf Mobile Operator Solutions

  • Live Account Balance
    This online option displays the account balance of the subscriber, as well as information about their latest payment transaction in real time.
  • Live Reward Points
    This online option displays and updated in real time information about the number of loyalty points that the subscriber has accumulated, as well as about the latest instance of loyalty points being awarded for using the Mobile Network Operator’s services.
  • Remaining Minutes/Megabytes
    This online option allows the subscriber to check the number of remaining minutes or megabytes.

Off-the-Shelf Partner Solutions

  • Sign your iPhone
    This premium service lets iPad and/or iPhone owners demonstrate their affluence by displaying a message of their choice on the idle screen of their device.
  • Holiday Coming
    Days left until an event of choice are displayed on the screen. Possible events include the owner’s or someone else’s birthday, New Year, Christmas, the Victory Day etc.
  • Live Weather
    Weather information is displayed on the screen and is constantly updated. The data presented may include temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and solar activity.
  • Live Currency
    Provides regular currency updates on the screen, along with the most favourable currency exchange rate and the telephone number of the relevant exchange office.

How it works

The solution consists of a client side and a server side. The server side implements the value-added services logic, manages connection to the Mobile Operator’s transport and billing subsystems. It is also responsible for updating the data in the client side. Data delivery to the client side is viable either by means of text messaging or using the Cell Broadcast technology.

The following applets can be used as the client side:

  • The A1S NaviSIM applet with SmartScreen plug-In
  • Another DSTK through the aproproate service platforms of their vendors

The server side receives data from an outside source (MNO’s billing or any other database) and forwards it to the SIM card applet in an applicable format. The applet displays the data immediately as a text string on the phone’s idle screen. The data update proceeds silently and does not require confirmation by the subscriber.

Benefits for the Mobile Operator

  • Capability for launching new innovative services
  • Increased revenue from value-added services
  • Increased subscriber loyalty due to the data being presented promptly and in an easy-to-use way
  • Reduced number of blocked subscribers, increased revenue from core services
  • Promotion of loyalty programmes, reduction of churn rate
  • Increased revenue from core services due to subscription being renewed without interruption.
  • Acquiring and retaining highly profitable subscribers

A1S Smart Screen is a product reliable and well-tested carrier-grade solution that has been designed to conform to key industry standards, such as ETSI, 3GPP and ITU. The A1S NaviSIM applet has been tested to be compatible with SIM cards of all major vendors.

For more details or to order a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email (info@a1‑systems.com) or use the form to the right.

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