A1S CBC is a service platform for broadcasting text messages using the Cell Broadcast technology. The message that is being broadcast is delivered simultaneously to all subscribers connected to a set of cells or even to all subscribers across the entire network.


  • Geo-targeting. In order to define the broadcasting zone, it is sufficient to designate certain base transceiver stations or even individual sectors of a BTS (by specifying their respective Cell IDs)
  • Time targeting. The exact time of broadcasting can be specified. The message will then be delivered to subscribers at exactly the time specified, regardless of the number of subscribers within the broadcasting zone.
  • Setting the duration of the broadcast. The message will be broadcast in the specified zone for a particular length of time. All subscribers moving through the zone will receive the message.

Cell Broadcast is the only technology that allows to broadcast text messages to tens and hundreds of millions of subscribers instantly and without loading the network infrastructure of the Mobile Operator.

The A1S Broadcast solution hosted at A1S CBC as a Cell Broadcast Entity (CBE) is employed to manage information campaigns and enhance the interactivity of text messages. A1S CBC can host several CBEs simultaneously. Any information system of the Mobile Network Operator or one of their Partners is a viable CBE.

Benefits for the Mobile Operator

  • Setting up geo-targeted message broadcasts with precisely defined target areas, e.g. pinpointing individual airports, railway stations, shopping centres or other similar objects
  • Providing location-based third party advertising
  • Mass notification of subscribers in the event of an emergency in the area with minimum network load and maximum efficiency
  • Setting up mass marketing campaigns designed to notify subscribers of newly-launched services or changes in terms of service
  • Low network load
  • Capability for broadcasting interactive messages
  • Potential for synchronising the text messages with TV or radio advertising


  • Connection to the BSC of the MNO via TCP, UDP and XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) protocols
  • Connection to information systems of the MNO via SMPP, HTTP (JSON) and HTTP (XML) protocols
  • Feasibility of adaptation to any existing protocols of the MNO, in order to connect to their BSC or information systems
  • BSC monitoring for broadcasting availability
  • Gathering and storing broadcasting statistics
  • Data monitoring, backup and recovery system
  • Horizontal scalability

The A1S CBC service platform has been designed to conform to the key industry standards ETSI, 3GPP and ITU. It is a reliable, tested, high-performance, carrier-grade solution.

For more details or to order a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email (info@a1‑systems.com) or use the form to the right.

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