A1S SDP is the core component of all A1 Systems application solutions that provides:

  • Connection to the Mobile Operator’s transport subsystem (SMSC, USSDC, CBC),
  • Interaction with the A1S NaviSIM applet and other DSTK through the aproproate service platforms of their vendors
  • An OTA keys management system
  • A system for keeping subscriber technological profiles
  • Integration with the MNO’s billing
  • A logging and monitoring system

A1S SDP as an independent solution includes modules for building and managing DSTK and USSD menus. The solution allows the Mobile Network Operator to offer its subscribers a wide range of its own or partners’ infotainment services powered by a DSTK/USSD portal.

Benefits for the Mobile Operator

  • Easier technical support and reduced operating costs due to centralised management of connections to the transport subsystem
  • Minimised expenses incurred by the MNO as a result of purchasing and supporting additional service platforms. This is achieved by virtue of support for all types of SIM browsing
  • Simplified deployment and administration, as well as reduced operating costs due to having a unified connection to the MNO’s central systems
  • Extra revenues thanks to universal and convenient access of subscribers to information and entertainment services
  • Increased revenues from value-added services due to capability for dynamic optimisation of DSTK/USSD menus.


  • An intuitive Web GUI for administrators, managers and call centre staff
  • Creating and managing static and dynamic STK menus on SIM cards
  • Capability of creating and managing USSD menus
  • Simultaneous support for different DSTK/USSD menu structures geared towards different subscriber groups
  • Managing subscriptions to value-added services
  • Detailed statistics on partner services and consolidated reports
  • Integration with billing via CDR and DIAMETER
  • support for different types of SMPP message concatenation for inbound and outbound traffic: SAR, UDH, PAYLOAD, SECURITY_UDH (FORMATTED SMS OTA 23.048), UNFORMATTED
  • Transactions/parts/services/errors data storage based on the highly available, high performance fail-safe Cassandra database management system;
  • Operating via SMPP in ESME or SMSC mode; operating via HTTP in SERVER or CLIENT mode; synchronous or asynchronous traffic processing;
  • Inbound and outbound messages speed management, windowing for outbound messages;
  • automatic selection of optimal encoding for outbound messages (GSM, GSM‑PACKED or UCS‑2);
  • MNP support
  • Managing the subscriber’s technological profile and its change history (country, region, city, IMEI, IMSI, Device Model, Device Vendor, active SIM card profile)
  • support for active and passive SNMP Trap and Nagios NRPE monitoring
  • geo‑redundancy support
  • horizontal scalability

The A1S SDP solution has been designed to conform to key industry standards, such as ETSI, 3GPP and GlobalPlatform. It is a reliable, tested, high-performance, carrier-grade solution.

For more details or to order a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email (info@a1‑systems.com) or use the form to the right.

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