The rapid development of mobile networks has enabled businesses to communicate with their clients by means of standard text messages. By making use of the text message, a company can let the customers know about personal discounts, special offers and newly-launched products, as well as remind them about events they were planning to attend or pending payments. A1S A2P is an integrated Mobile Network Operator solution designed to make selling the third party messages and advertising automated, manageable and efficient.

A1S A2P provides a high-performance and high-reliability server solution for Mobile Operator networks. The transport subsystem and the billing system of the MNO are connected at one end of the solution. The other end is meant to connect third party systems to communicate with their customers via text messages.

The entirety of a subscribed company’s SMS traffic passes through A1S A2P, thus enabling the company to manage the traffic in an optimal way.

A1S A2P enables:

  • Protection of subscribers from spam
  • Rapid creation, suspension and removal of business accounts
  • Creation of specialised accounts for SMS traffic aggregators
  • Real-time detailed statistics and graphic reports
  • Monitoring and managing transport system workload
  • Tariff plan management
  • Handling payments made by client companies

The A1S InTouch solution is a one-stop shop for managing the third party SMS traffic selling.

Benefits for mobile network operators

  • Monetising the MNOs’ assets and getting additional revenue by selling the third party SMS traffic
  • Save time to connect partners with quick and effortless partner integration
  • Retaining subscriber loyalty, thanks to an efficient anti-spam system that identifies unwanted messages and prevents their delivery
  • Simplifies a business of selling third party traffic lowering operating costs significantly


  • A multilevel account management system
  • Assigning priority levels to partners or individual bulk messaging schemes
  • A flexible subscription policy for third party companies
  • Integration with the billing system of the MNO
  • Antispam traffic control module
  • A complete set of tools for SMS aggregators
  • Traffic routing and prioritisation
  • Automated document control adapted for integration with accounting systems
  • Detailed statistics on bulk messaging schemes of companies and aggregators
  • Support for MAP transported using SS7/SIGTRAN
  • USSD and DSTK support
  • Horizontal scalability
  • A built-in mechanism for transport channel workload management
  • A built-in SMSC workload balancing system

The A1S A2P solution has been designed to conform to key industry standards, such as ETSI, 3GPP and ITU. It is a tested and reliable carrier-grade solution.The solution can be installed at the MNO’s side or hosted by A1 Systems.

For more details or to order a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email (info@a1‑systems.com) or use the form to the right.

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