The present-day marketing communications are, of necessity, interactive and require flexible targeting, consumer behaviour analysis and knowing the right moment and context for communication.

A1S Marketing Communications Suite (A1S MCS) is a technological platform for implementing a whole range of up-to-date marketing communication tools. A1S MCS solutions enable mobile network operators to effectively promote their own and partner services, increase subscriber loyalty and reduce churn.

A1S MCS Suite allows Mobile Network Operators to:

  • manage advertising campaigns with short message service (SMS),
  • manage interactive advertising campaigns employing DSTK Push and USSD NI,
  • manage interactive advertising campaigns via the Cell Broadcast technology,
  • manage interactive multimedia campaigns with USB modem software (A1S Connection Manager),
  • manage email advertising campaigns,
  • manage self-placed banners displayed on websites or in applications,
  • create contextual-based advertising campaigns based on subscriber consumption analysis leveraging the search engine and display advertising synergy.

The platform offers the following features for all A1S MCS solutions:

  • an integrated connection to MNO’s transport subsystem,
  • an integrated connection to billing systems, CRM and other business support systems,
  • integrated administration and monitoring.

A1S MCS is a “one-stop-shop” for managing of all internal marketing communications by the Mobile Operator.

Interactivity is at the heart of all A1S MCS solutions. Interactive communication allows not only to keep subscriber informed about new offers and services but also to expose an effective dialogue between MNO and subscriber. The subscriber can activate required services or get add-ons of choice for the mobile tariff plan in one or two clicks.

Simplified customer experience offering new services or carrying out up-selling and cross-selling helps to considerably improve the perception of MNO by subscriber, highly increasing loyalty and retention.

A1S MCS Solutions

A1S Flash is an advertising campaign solution that leverages the distribution of targeted interactive promotional messages using a pre-set or dynamic subscriber list.

A1S Screen is an advertising campaign solution that employs targeted interactive pop-up messages displayed on the mobile phone screen at a time when the subscriber’s attention is focused on it.

A1S Event is a solution for managing personal marketing communications based on consumer behaviour data. Promotion of services and tariff plan add-ons occurs precisely when the subscriber is most interested in it.

A1S Broadcast is an interactive mass notification solution aimed at promoting with precise geo- and time targeting.

Benefits for Mobile Operators

  • Phased implementation of solutions is feasible
  • Reduced time and cost to launch a solution thanks to centralised integration into the network
  • Internal communications management with a unified, user-friendly and intuitive web GUI interface
  • Easier technical support and administration

A1S MCS is a platform that has been designed to conform to key industry standards, such as ETSI, 3GPP and GlobalPlatform. It is a reliable, tested, high-performance, carrier-grade solution.

For more details or to order a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email (info@a1‑systems.com) or use the form the right.

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