A1S RSP M2M (eSIM for M2M / IoT)

A1 Systems is the official certified provider of the cloud-based eSIM profile management solution.

Certified eSIM Solution for the Internet of Things

The M2M / IoT market has been experiencing significant growth, with new trends being developed. Following the needs of the market, the M2M / IoT devices are also evolving. One of the new technological trends is SIM-chips instead of traditional SIMs, and the number of gadgets that use this technology is increasing. SIM-chips improve the characteristics of the M2M / IoT devices — minimizes their size, maximize the reliability of performance under the conditions of constant vibration, high temperatures, heavy dustiness, or high humidity.

Small and reliable, SIM-chips allow for using fully sealed cases and inventing new types of M2M / IoT devices that were difficult to put into service because of the size issues or exploitation characteristics of the traditional SIMs.

The widespread usage of traditional SIM-chips, however, is being slowed down by the strict connection of these chips to a single mobile operator. Not only the device-producers and M2M / IoT service-providers experience problems because of this but also mobile operators who suffer income deficiency and cede their market to alternative communication technologies.

eSIM Technologies for M2M / IoT Market

In contrast to a traditional SIM-ship, an eSIM-chip (eUICC, or embedded UICC) is not connected to a particular mobile operator, which solves the main issue of the SIM-chips used in M2M / IoT devices.

Digital profiles of mobile operators that contain all the necessary settings, applets, and security keys, can be uploaded on the eSIM-chips telemetric gear or controllers remotely, over-the-air, wherever they are located.

The server side of M2M eSIM differs from the Consumer eSIM and is divided, as opposed to the latter, into two components. There is a Subscription Manager — Data Preparation (SM-DP) server — that is used for preparing and storing M2M eSIM-profiles. The second component — a Subscription Manager Secure Routing (SM-SR) server — is used for organizing a secure channel and interacting with an eUICC. All constituents — SM-DP, SM-SR, and an eUICC itself — must comply with the GSMA specifications.

eSIM technology is developed by GSMA. It is the only technology for a remote profile installation that is actively supported and integrated by the major eSIM-chips vendors, wearable devices, and mobile operators all over the world.

Advantages for Mobile Operators

  • The growth in the number of M2M / IoT devices
  • The growth of income for communication services
  • The decries in risks while transferring the clients from alternative communication technologies

Advantages for the Consumers and Providers of M2M / IoT Services

  • Low expenses and high speed of connection to a new mobile operator
  • Decreased risks of damaging the equipment while connecting to a new mobile operator
  • High level of connection reliability in poor exploitation conditions
  • Decreased expenses and simplified operation of the devices

Advantages for M2M / IoT-Device Producers

  • Integrated device for all geographical areas
  • Simplified production and logistics
  • Improved exploitation characteristics
  • Lower expenses on production and distribution

Remote SIM Provisioning Solution for M2M

A1 Systems offers its cloud-based solution for M2M eSIM that passed the GSMA audit. The solution is designed to prepare, install, and operate the M2M eSIM profiles. The solution is comprised of two components that can be used separately or together, depending on the business target in question.

A1S RSP M2M (SMDP) — actualizes the functions of SM-DP. This component is designed to personalize the eSIM profiles used by M2M / IoT devices.

A1S RSP M2M (SMSR) — actualizes the functions of SM-SR. This component is designed to remotely install, remove, activate, and deactivate eSIM-profiles on M2M / IoT devices.

A1S RSP M2M (SMDP) and A1S RSP M2M (SMSR) are developed in compliance with the GSMA SGP specifications.

Functional Capabilities of A1S RSP M2M (SMDP):

  • Preparation, security, and storage of the profiles for M2M eSIM
  • Management of the security domain lifecycle
  • Secure transfer and installation of the profiles on an eSIM-chips
  • Integration with the operator’s systems
  • Integration with the third-party SM-SRs
  • Aggregated and detailed statistics

Functional Capabilities of A1S RSP M2M (SMSR):

  • Management of the profile status on the eSIMs (enable, disable, delete)
  • Storage of the EIS database (eUICC Information Set)
  • Integration with other SM-SRs for receiving/delivering eUICC maintenance
  • Integration with other SM-DPs
  • Integration with eSIM vendors (ES1)
  • Integration with an operator’s systems
  • Support of SMS, HTTPS, and CAT_TP transport for profile installation
  • Processing of notifications
  • Aggregated and detailed statistics

For more details or to order a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email info@a1‑systems.com or use the form to the right.

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