OTA Campaign Management

Provision of services may require that the Mobile Operator change subscribers’ SIM card contents. Doing that without having subscribers visit the MNO’s office and replace their SIM cards with new ones requires the use of an OTA platform. It allows for remote SIM card management without the involvement of the subscriber.

Conducting OTA campaigns is a complex and responsible job. After years of operation a typical Mobile Network Operator’s subscriber base consists of many SIM cards of different manufacturers that may differ drastically in their specifications and parameters. That being said, a single mistake may render a large number of SIM cards inoperable, which will result in subscribers losing connection.

Any mistakes incurred in the course of an OTA campaign lead to negative reaction of subscribers, complaints, reduced loyalty, increased churn and loss of profits.

A1 Systems has a long history of OTA campaigns. Our experts have been involved in over 200 OTA campaigns for Mobile Operators all over the world.

A1 Systems takes charge of all aspects of a proposed OTA campaign. That includes:

  • Refinement of requirements and consulting
  • Technical audit of the SIM card base
  • Cooperation with SIM card manufacturers
  • Connection of a A1 Systems OTA platform to the transport subsystem of the MNO
  • Dealing with issues related to OTA keys. It is possible to either upload the keys into the A1 Systems database or store them in an encrypted database of the MNO, without the necessity of their identities being revealed.
  • Testing the identified SIM card profiles
  • Running preliminary test campaigns for every profile
  • Monitoring the results of OTA campaigns in progress
  • Transferring the database storing up-to-date SIM card profiles to the MNO
  • Preparing a detailed report upon completion of a campaign and transferring it to the MNO.

For more details or to order a demonstration of the service please contact us via email (info@a1-systems.com) or use the form to the right.

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