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Research has demonstrated that a person’s attention is focused on their mobile phone screen for over two hours a day on average. Knowing when the owner of a mobile phone is paying attention and thus choosing the right moment to display the ad is crucial to improving its effectiveness.

A1S Screen is a efficient solution for Mobile Network Operators to implement internal marketing communications. The solution enables the targeted advertising dialogue box to be displayed on the mobile phone screen precisely at that moment when the subscriber is paying attention to it. The A1 Systems’ own A1S NaviSIM applet serves to determine the right time to display the dialogue box.

An advertising dialogue box is remotely transferred into the applet buffer in the course of advertising campaign implementation. At the same time, a certain local event on the mobile phone of the subscriber is specified that acts as a trigger. This event immediately triggers the dialogue box on the mobile phone screen.

A number of events can serve as a trigger:

  • Switching on a mobile phone
  • Ending of a phone call
  • An outgoing text message
  • User quitting the default web browser application

In any one of the cases listed, the subscriber’s attention is inevitably focused on the mobile phone screen.

The A1S NaviSIM applet is capable of simultaneously storing and processing up to 10 advertisements assigned to different triggers. If the subscriber accepts or rejects the offer, the advertisement will no longer be displayed on their screen.

The server side of the solution is based on the A1S MCS platform. Advertising campaigns are managed through a user-friendly, intuitive Web graphical user interface to enable the user:

  • effortlessly create advertising campaigns from templates and interactive scripts,
  • set up repeated advertising campaigns with automated retrieval of subscriber lists from any designated sources,
  • real time track and managing the advertising campaigns.

Benefits for Mobile Operators

  • Communication with the subscriber occurs precisely when they are paying attention to the mobile phone screen
  • Increased revenue from core and value-added services due to interactive messages having a high conversion rate
  • Improved client experience and increased subscriber loyalty due to easier activation of promoted services
  • Launching new services with reduced time to market (TTM)
  • Operational costs saving of launching, managing and analyzing the advertising campaigns thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly Web GUI interface
  • Reduced technical support and administering costs due to using A1S MCS as a unified framework
  • Simple and rapid integration with the MNO’s network
  • Free OTA campaign to quickly install A1S NaviSIM applet on subscribers’ SIM cards


  • Storing up to 10 advertising dialogue boxes on a SIM card to rotate;
  • Monitoring local events (i.e. triggers) on a mobile phone; in particular, detecting when a subscriber switches on the phone, ends a phone call, sends a text message or quits a web browser;
  • Counting local events and disabling the trigger until a specified number of occurrences has been reached;
  • Counting the number of advertising exposures and preventing the ad from being displayed after a certain number of exposures has been reached;
  • Monitoring subscriber response and preventing the ad from being displayed in the case of positive response;
  • Displaying a succession of complex dialogue boxes with multiple menu options;
  • Automatic execution of scripts tied to interactive elements in a dialogue box or a menu, i.e. sending a text message with a specified text to a specified number, making a voice call to a specified number, issuing a specified USSD command or launching an Internet browser and loading a specified web page;
  • Collecting statistical data and transmitting it to the A1S Screen server in real time;
  • A user-friendly Web GUI for advertising campaigns management and administration
  • An organiser that enables campaign sorting and filtering based on specified criteria
  • Intuitive tools to create dialogues from pre-set templates
  • A campaign manager to easily launch advertising campaigns from templates using drag & drop options
  • Real time tracking of campaign results
  • Managing SIM OTA mailing lists and contact policies
  • Automated updates of SIM OTA mailing lists, drawing on specified sources
  • Automatically generated reports on the results of advertising campaigns
  • A Web GUI for call centre specialists

The A1S Screen solution has been designed to conform to key industry standards, such as ETSI, 3GPP and GlobalPlatform. It is a reliable, tested, high-performance, carrier-grade solution.The solution can be installed at the mobile network operator’s side or hosted by A1 Systems.

For more details or to order a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email (info@a1‑systems.com) or use the form to the right.

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