A1S RSP Consumer (eSIM)

A1 Systems is the official certified provider of the cloud-based eSIM profile management solution.

Certified eSIM Solution for Consumer Electronics

SIMs operate as the user’s authentication tool in a mobile network. They were first used in 1991 and have been changed in form (nano-SIM and MFF2 chips) and function. The modern modifications of SIMs can even manage such resource-intensive operations as electronic signatures. However, despite these significant changes, SIMs have always remained physical devices that are tied to the mobile operator that owns and distributes it.

On the consumer market level, the physical nature of SIMs has become an obstacle that prevents the mobile operators from lowering the production and logistics expenses, as well as from reducing the cost of tariff solutions distribution. For the same reason, it is impossible to switch to online trading and improve the consumer’s experience while connecting to a mobile network. A firm correlation between a SIM card and its MNO hinders the development of the wearable electronics and, subsequently, the growth of consumers who use the communication services.

eSIM Technology

eSIM technology removes the physical nature of SIM card. For the MNO, SIM card becomes a digital profile that contains the essential settings, applets, and security keys. The profile can be installed over-the-air on the embedded eUICC chip.

The Subscriber Manager — Data Preparation (SM-DP+) server — is used for an eSIM profile installation. Both the Subscription Manager server and eUICC chip should qualify the GSMA specification. Digital certificates based on PKI are used to ensure the safety and mutual authentication of eUICC and SM-DP+.

eSIM technology is being developed by GSMA. It is the only technology that makes a remote profile uploading possible and is universally supported and implemented by the largest companies that produce SIM chips, smartphones, wearable electronics, and mobile operators.

Benefits of eSIM Usage

  • Lower expenses on traditional SIMs, their logistics and distribution
  • Instant customer connection to a mobile operator network through the website or application
  • The availability of the tariffs at any traditional retail sales outlet
  • Lower customer attrition
  • More sources of income by means of new eSIM coverage

A1S RSP Consumer

A1S RSP Consumer is a designed by A1 Systems certified GSMA solution that actualizes the functions of SM-DP+. A1S RSP Consumer enables the mobile operators to upload their profiles on smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, fitbits, and other wearable electronics with the installed eSIM chip (eUICC) over-the-air.

A1S RSP Consumer is developed in accordance with the GSMA SGP.21, SPG.22 specifications.

The main functions include:

  • The creation and storage of profile templates based on XML-definition
  • The personalization of eSIM profiles both individually and in bulk (bulk operations)
  • The ability to connect to the MNO’s systems via the ES2+ interface
  • The formation of output files with configured structure and field set
  • Safe transmission and installation of eSIM profiles in compliance in SGP.22
  • Additional profile identification (for example, the region separation)
  • An option to record the events on SM-DS
  • Safe operations that are processed in compliance with GSMA SAS-SM requirements

For more details or to order a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email info@a1‑systems.com or use the form to the right.

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