First eSIM Services Launching Results

A1 Systems announces the successful completion of the general audit of GSMA SAS-SM (Security Accreditation Scheme – Subscription Management) and the initial resultativeness of providing the commercial services that help managing eSIM profiles.

eSIM technology eliminates the physical nature of SIM-cards. The digital eSIM profile that contains the necessary settings, applets, and security keys can be installed remotely on any eSIM-chip embedded in a smartphone or a IoT/М2М device.

As of March of 2021, there are only 32 certified platforms that provide eSIM managing services. Only 8 of them, including A1 Systems, are not owned by major SIM-card vendors and telecommunication operators.

After the completion of the full audit, A1 Systems became the first and the only, as of the news publication date, Russian company that had developed its own Remote SIM Provisioning Consumer and М2М solutions, had completed the full audit GSMA, and had started providing commercial services to their clients.

Five Russian operators are already connected to the cloud SM-DP+ of A1 Systems, and the negotiations with a few other operators are taking place at the moment, the connection projects are being developed. The IoT/M2M eSIM pilot projects are being administered with two federal operators. Additionally, the operators of the CIS countries have been taking interest in working with Russian eSIM-platform of A1 Systems.

Dmitry Tishkevich, Head of eSIM Department, commented on the results as follows, “The period of time that passed from the first part of the audit in June of 2020 proved that there was a high demand on our eSIM solution and services. We have been actively preparing for the second part of the audit, setting up contracts, connecting new clients, adjusting solution and business projects. Both our and our clients’ teams have been working great! A unique motivation and high professionalism were mutual, which is truly wonderful! The project has been developing fast, and it has already started bearing the first profit.”

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