A1 Systems — the First Russian eSIM Subscription Management Provider!

A1 Systems announces that the company has successfully passed the GSMA SAS-SM (Security Accreditation Scheme – Subscription Management) dry audit and now starts to provide commercial services to help administer the eSIM profiles. The certificate that verifies the completion of the dry audit can be found on GSMA website.

The eSIM technology eliminates the physical nature of a SIM card for a mobile operator. The digital eSIM profile possesses all the necessary settings, applets, and security keys. The profile can be installed on any embedded eUICC chip over-the-air. The chip must qualify the GSMA specifications that develops the eSIM technology.

eSIM is the only technology that makes a remote profile uploading possible and is universally supported and implemented by the largest companies that produce SIM chips, smartphones, wearable electronics, and mobile operators.

The set of solutions developed by A1 Systems is called RSP — Remote SIM Provisioning — and is designed to work with consumer electronics, as well as to install and administer the eSIM profiles on M2M devices. A1S RSP Consumer actualizes the SM-DP+ (Subscription Management – Data Preparation), the solution designed to personalize the eSIM profiles and their remote installation on smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, fitbits, and other consumer electronics with embedded eUICC chip.

A1S RSP M2M (SM-DP) actualizes the functions of the SM-DP and is designed to personalize the eSIM profiles in the M2M devices.

A1S RSP M2M (SM-SR) actualizes the functions of SM-SR (Subscription Management – Secure Routing) and is designed to install, remove, activate, and deactivate eSIM profiles on M2M devices over-the-air.

The solution fully qualifies the GSMA — SGP.22 and SGP.02 — specifications.

The equipment that hosts the remote SIM provisioning set of solutions is located in Russia, in a Moscow DPC (data processing center). Commenting the company’s successful dry audit, A1 Systems CEO Ilya Dribinsky said, “In the Russian Federation and former Soviet republics, our company has been a leader in designing SIM applets and SIMs administration solutions for many years. The creation and certification of the eSIM platform is a logical and necessary stage in our business development. The project was difficult but very interesting! We became the first company in Russia and the neighboring countries that developed — without assistance — SM-DP+, SM-DP, and SM-SR, located the equipment in a secure DPC, and passed the GSMA SAS-SM dry audit. It is a new and significant step in our company’s advancement!”

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