Family Is Here: a new LBS service for MTS subscribers in Belarus

A1 Systems and Belorussian communications provider MTS have launched a new LBS service called Family Is Here. The service enables real-time locating of your near and dear based on operator’s network data.

 Tracking services became an important part of modern man’s living long ago. First of all, such services are useful for parents who must know their children’s location. Furthermore, such services help locating elderly family members and coming to their rescue at the right time if necessary.

 Using the Family Is Here service, subscribers of Belorussian communications provider MTS can track the location of people who give their consent via SMS to monitoring of their travel record.  Locating does not depend on a subscriber’s phone model or the type of provider’s network. A monthly fee will give you access to the unlimited use of this tracking service.

The new service is based on A1 Systems’ LBS solution called A1S Family Tracker, comprising  a server implementing the core  business logic of the service and a mobile application (iOS and Android) with a user interface to map the location of subscribers tracked  and to manage the service.

A1S Family Tracker installed in the MTS network stores users’ information along with lists of subscribers who agreed with their location and travel record tracking. The server is integrated with MNO’s billing for connection to/disconnection from the service. To figure out a subscriber’s location, the A1S Family Tracker solution integrated with A1S LBS (GMLC) via OMA MLP protocol.

A mobile application to the Family Is Here service allows the mapping of the current location and travel record of your loved ones, connection/disconnection management, addition/deletion of subscribers tracked. Activate the application on your phone to track the location of your family members added thereto. In order to add a family member it is necessary to create a new contact in the Family section and to receive confirmation of subscriber’s consent with monitoring of their location. The spotting and mapping of your loved ones will be performed immediately and automatically after the application is run.

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