A1 Systems has launched A1S Multi IMSI, the roaming steering solution, for MVNO SIMSIM

A1 Systems company and SIM TELECON (the SIMSIM brand), the Russian mobile virtual operator, have launched the roaming steering solution − A1S Multi IMSI.

The A1S Multi IMSI solution allows MVNOs to get a huge roaming coverage and the best price for it in a shortest time.

A1S Multi IMSI is a special microprogram, also named as an applet, that resides on a SIM card or an eSIM chip. After registering in a roaming network, the A1S Multi IMSI applet is triggered. Depending on the current roaming network, the applet selects one of the IMSIs from its own memory and replaces MVNO’s IMSI with a selected roaming IMSI.  In a home network, the applet automatically enables the local IMSI again.

In most cases, changing IMSI is invisible for subscribers. Changing IMSI does not affect on MSISDN, so a subscriber can make and receive calls without any limitations.

MVNOs usually implement the A1S Multi IMSI solution together in partnership with large international roaming hubs, major international or local mobile network operators. Such partners have a vast number of roaming agreements with other operators all over the world. Thus, they process an enormous voice and data traffic and have the best price for it.

The A1S Multi IMSI applet is compatible with SIM cards of all major vendors.

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